AGB Händler USA

Order Placement: Orders may be placed directly with BRISA Entertainment or may be placed with one of our
national sales representatives by mail, telephone or Email. All new accounts must submit trade credit references.

Order Form: All order forms must be signed, dated and include the phone number of the buyer in order to be
processed. Orders submitted including those written on any order forms (such as the buyer's own purchase order
form or Rep. Co. order form) imply the buyer's consent and agreement to the terms stated herein.

Minimum order value: $ 285; Please see our catalogue and current Price List for further information.

Shipping: Unless otherwise specified all US orders will be shipped by FedEx or UPS Ground from Fort Worth, TX and
by UPS Expedited outside the USA.

Returns: BRISA Entertainment is committed to excellent quality music and Customer Service. In the unlikely event
a defective CD is received, we request that the retailer contact Customer Service at 1-800-919-3990 within 10 days
of receipt of merchandise for a Return Authorization number. Returns and exchanges will NOT be accepted without a
Return Authorization number. Approved returns must have a copy of the original invoice enclosed with an
explanation specifying the nature of the return. CDs deemed to be slow sellers in re-sellable condition will be
accepted for exchange or credit towards your next order and must be ordered at the same time and in addition to a
re-order, subject to BRISA's re-order minimums. Full CD collections may be exchanged only with prior approval from
the customer service department following a verification procedure. All CDs to be exchanged must be in re-sellable
condition: free of price stickers, shrink wrap intact, non-damaged). All authorized CD returns will be subject to a
15% re-stocking fee, based on the total value of returned goods. BRISA Entertainment does not accept returns on
Demo CDs or other product lines. All returns must be shipped to:

BRISA Entertainment
The Warehouse
Riverbend Distribution Center
2704 Handley Ederville Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76118

Credit notes are valid for 1 year from date of issue.

Backorders: Backorders will be shipped if requested - at the customer's expense, if the invoice amount exceeds
$50 in value. Below this, we ask that you re-order.

Payment Terms: The terms of any purchase begin from the shipping date on the invoice. First order is provided on
Credit Card basis. Thereafter our standard terms are Net 30 for approved accounts. We offer Visa, MasterCard,
American Express and Discover as our preferred payment option. The purchaser agrees that all invoices payable on
or before the date due will be paid, and if not paid by the date due, will be considered delinquent. It is understood
that we will impose a finance charge or a delinquency charge of 2.5% percent per month or the highest rate allowed
by law on any amount which becomes past due and delinquent. In the event of a bad check we will not redeposit the
check, and will require a replacement in the form of a cashier's check along with a service charge of $25.00.

Delinquent Accounts: All merchandise shipped to customers in good faith by BRISA Entertainment remains the
property of BRISA Entertainment until such time as it has been paid in full. In the event that a customer fails to pay
for merchandise, BRISA Entertainment reserves the right to take the steps necessary to repossess said

Damaged Shipments: Customers must examine the outer packaging of all orders they receive at the time of
delivery. If there is any damage to the outer carton or any indication that it may have been opened prior to delivery,
this MUST be noted on the Receipt of Delivery Form, or its electronic equivalent, presented to you by the shipping
company (e.g. FedEx). Failure to do this may invalidate your insurance claim.

Applicable Law: The laws of the State of Texas shall govern any dispute arising under this agreement. The buyer
waives the right to seek any change of jurisdiction or venue.

January 26, 2011

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