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BRISA to Launch World's First Compact Photo Gift

Made for Panoramic Photography



Interest in the market for panoramic photography is growing rapidly as the latest generation of smart phones and tablets all feature an integrated panorama function, making it easier and more accessible than ever before to take panoramic photos. The MyClock™ Panorama offers customers of all ages the perfect means to display the products of this growing trend.



Multiple Opportunities for Personalised Souvenirs and Gifts


The MyClock™ Panorama is ideal for the segment of the travel retail market which focuses on souvenirs. The possibilities for individual branding in small and large quantities is endless, and in a market where strong imagery is a must, visitors to the TFWA will be captivated by the opportunities for their markets. 

The MyClock™ Panorama is also perfect for corporate gifts, regardless of order quantity. With a magnetic back and standing foot, MyClock™ Panorama can be display in a variety of ways and makes a lasting impression.

BRISA will launch The MyClock™ Panorama to travel retail audiences at the TFWA, Cannes at
BRISA Entertainment's booth in Green Village, H58.

Contact me now to arrange an appointment:, Tara Osborne, Export Key Account Manager

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