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MyClock™ Do-It-Yourself

 At the moment only possible for MyClock™, not for MyClock™ L!

Do-It-Yourself Set CLOCK FACES

heavy white paper, 130g/sqm, DIN A4; pre-punched with 6 clock faces; 9 printing sheets; Set available with a minimum order of 48 MyClock™, only full sets are available,  Suitable for laser printer.
4,93 €
19% incl.+shipping

Do-It-Yourself Set LABELS

white self adhesive foil (sticker), 130g/sqm, DIN A4; pre-punched with 3 labels each; 17 printing sheets; Set available with a minimum order of 48 MyClock™,only full sets are available,  Suitable for laser printer.
23,37 €
19% incl.+shipping

Printing Templates for Do-It-Yourself Sets:

CLOCK FACES  pdf or word document
LABELS  pdf or word document
Important Guideline for use of Templates

Mandatory for Labels:
Recycling bin logo jpg or gif  
MyClock™ logo jpg or eps
concept patented by www.myclock.com
BRISA Entertainment GmbH, Hauptstr. 6, 85462 Reisen, Germany

Twist the clock open from the back side.                           Take off the glass cover. 

Carefully remove the clock's    Remove the paper clock          Cut your own photo to size
individual hands from the        face and use it as a template    using the paper clock face
central point, taking care       (for size and format) when        as a template, making sure to
to keep the hands                 cutting your own photo           also punch a small hole in the
(second hand, minute hand,    to size.                                  correct place in the center. 
hour hand) in the
correct order.

Place your photo onto the     Replace the clock hands in     Replace the glass.
clock face. Please note         reverse order, carefully
that the small hole on the      pushing each into place.
edge indicates the
12 o'clock position.

Twist the clock back together
taking care that it correctly
latches firmly back into place.

Do you need Help with your printing templates? Click here.

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